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Become a Data Science expert in 26 weeks

Get 26 emailers with industry-focused course material, designed by GreyAtom and industry experts for beginner-level Data Science learners.

We have helped 1000s of professionals from different backgrounds build in-demand skills to achieve success in their careers. We know exactly what it takes for you to become a data scientist and how to make you one.

This study plan will help you learn data science, and also practice its applications. In the next 26 weeks, you will work on multiple portfolio projects to build a strong Data Science resume.

What you will get

You will receive one lesson from us each week, for 26 weeks. Each lesson has the following structure:

  • Topic material
  • Jupyter notebooks with code snippets
  • Bonus materials
  • Cheatsheets
  • Study tips
  • Career resources

What you can expect

  • Foundations of machine learning
    • Foundation in programming and statistics
    • Primer on Git
    • Basics of Object-Oriented programming in Python
    • Numpy, Pandas, and Visualizations
    • Statistics and exploratory data analysis  machine learning models.
  • Machine learning algorithms: how and when to use them
    • Supervised algorithms
      • Linear Regression
      • Logistic Regression
      • Decision Trees
      • Random Forests
    • Unsupervised ones
      • K-Means Clustering
  • Extras
    • Natural Language Processing & Recommender Systems
    • Notebooks
    • Bonus study materials

How this course ensures you become a Data Science expert

A lot of people want to learn Data Science but lack proper guidance. It becomes hard to evaluate what to learn and when to learn. Hence there is a huge drop rate in the motivation after 2-3 weeks.

To help learners get a clearer picture of what they are learning and keeping them motivated throughout their journey, we built 26 Weeks of Data Science. Here’s how this study plan will add true value to its learners:

  • Structured study plan
  • Access to GLabs: Apart from the in-detail notebooks and resources, you will get access to GreyAtom’s Learning Platform
  • Additional resources: Curated videos, book recommendation, career guidance, motivational tips, access to your local Data Science community, and much more.
  • Resume building: Optimize your resume to match job filters for data science positions.
  • LinkedIn presence: Learn clever hacks to improve the visibility of your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by employers.
  • Interview questions: Find out how to answer critical interview questions that make or break the deal.
  • 1,999.00
  • 5 months
  • Course Certificate

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