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A beginner’s guide to creating an Instagram landing page

Web development has been a top career for years now, and it is only getting more exciting. Because of the reliance on websites and apps, frontend developers that can create quality code and understand the principles of web design are always in high demand.

There are 3 main technologies or languages that make up the frontend developer’s arsenal: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is easy enough to learn these technologies, but how do they work together, and how do you develop the sensibilities to code a great project?

By coding a project of your own from scratch.

What does this book contain?

In an easy to follow, simple language format, you will learn:

  • How HTML, CSS and JavaScript fit together to create experiences
  • Setting up your first page, with a detailed breakdown of each element
  • How to use CSS in your HTML effectively
  • Industry practices to getting your code production-ready
  • Helpful tips on how to use libraries effectively

Can a beginner with no coding experience use this book?

Yes! In fact, this book is designed for beginners in mind. In all our experience of getting learners their desired outcomes, the cornerstone of GreyAtom’s approach has been: to learn, you need to DO.

Who is this book for?

If you want a hands-on guide to getting started with web development, this is an excellent place to begin. Start coding from the first chapter, and end the project with a complete project.

The feeling of achievement itself is worth it.

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    It’s really good

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    A great, short guide to web development. It’s like a book-sized magazine, but it’s much easier to read than any textbook on the subject.

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